“For serious passive income….. This is a great book.”


Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, ”The 4 Hour Workweek”

Carolyn K.

November 14, 2017

“I’ll just start with saying I bought this book 1 year ago and licensed my first idea rather quickly after finishing it. I’ve seen the results and so has my bank account!! Don’t hesitate on this purchase the author Steven Key is amazing! He is realistic and honestly just wants to help you succeed. You don’t have to be a great business person to license your ideas just follow his directions. Im just a firefighter with no business background so if I can get a deal so can you!! Good Luck!!”

“It was all thanks to “One Simple Idea” that inspired us to switch from trying to manufacture our own product to instead developing IP and licensing our product concepts. As a result of the invaluable guidance in “One Simple Idea”, we were able to close our first licensing deal with one of the largest novelty merchandising manufacturers in the US. This licensing deal, which took us just six weeks and $1,000 to close, resulted in an Advance Against Royalties of $30,000USD and a cumulative contract value of several hundred thousand dollars over the next few years.”

Ben &

Australian serial entrepreneurs
November 8, 2017


May 4, 2016

“I must say that “One Simple Idea” has helped me all the way thru the process of getting my own idea out there. I have already gone thru one patent with no success. With “One Simple Idea” I got all the information I needed to go step by step to move forward. I saved so much money and many mistakes just by reading Steven Keys book. On November 12,2016, I signed my first Licensing Agreement with a large Manufacturer that producesYard and Garden material. In fact they are test Marketing my idea in the large Big Box stores as I’m writing this review. So if you have an idea and have no clue of what to do, then your best bet is to get “One Simple Idea”. It’s affordable and very easy to understand. Steven wrote it to have anyone who doesn’t want to go through the humble-jumble of trying to figure out what’s he or she is reading about. Just EZ to Read. Shoots…for less than a HOT Pepperoni Pizza, you can get going by getting yourself this book and who knows…buy yourself the whole Pizza shop!

Keep on Dreaming…You won’t regret it!”



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