97% of all patents don’t recoup the cost it takes to file them.

If you don’t like this statistic you need an IP strategist.

Your patent attorney is not responsible for your business success. They gets evaluated on how many patents they gets issued. But not the success of those patents. Unfortunately that’s the reality. In order for your patent to have value in the marketplace you need to provide your patent attorney with the “right” information. It’s not your patent attorneys job to gather this “right” information. It’s your job to provide them with this type of information. To be successful at leveraging and protecting your intellectual property with a patent you have to provide the right information. Because it’s not your patent attorney‘s job they don’t even know what that information is. From my experience you need to look at your patent from a “business” perspective.

  • How’s it going to make money for me.
  • How can my patent align up with my business objectives such as bringing my product to market with exclusionary rights, raising money, obtaining a licensing deal or stopping an infringer.

If you are an entrepreneur, startup or currently running a company, I believe it’s absolutely critical in today’s environment to protect your intellectual property. In order for your patent to have value you must be able to take away risk and provide the right information for people to have the confidence to work with you. Your patent attorney is not trained in providing this type of information. You need to draft your patent application so it’s transaction-ready. That’s why it’s critical to work with an IP strategist.

What is an IP Strategist?

What is Intellectual property strategy?

An IP strategy helps entities manage their intangible assets-including patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights – in a way that aligns with their overall business strategy and goals. An IP strategy is ultimately judged by the value it creates for you or your organization. Monetization involves bringing your products to market with exclusionary rights while improving your ability to identify infringers and also potential licensing partners.

My specialty is helping you draft a transaction-ready patent application. Bringing all the information together in such a way that overcomes future arguments from potential licenses, investors, patent examiners and infringers.

  • Arguments such as “why should we pay you”coming from an investor or potential licensee.
  • Arguments from a patent examiner on why “your claims have all been rejected”.
  • Arguments from a potential infringer why “it’s best just to pay you”.

I will show you how to draft a patent application that truly has value in the marketplace and will overcome any argument. A patent application that gives either a potential licensee or investor the confidence to work with you. I have defended my parents in federal court against one the largest toy companies in the world, Lego, Inc. I have used this strategy to obtain licensing agreements for some of the largest companies in the world. Filing the wrong intellectual property is extremely expensive, time consuming and potentially damaging.

Your patent attorney is only as good as the information and strategy you supply them. This information is so important, I am now speaking on this topic around the world:

  • Adam and Adam largest intellectual property firm in South Africa
  • Rise up Cairo, Egypt
  • Techne Alexandria, Egypt
  • World IP Forum Bangkok, Thailand
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Newcastle, Australia
  • IDEO
  • Stanford University
  • IPWatchdog Live Dallas Texas

Let me help you draft your patent so it’s transaction-ready and now has value to you and your organization.

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